Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mid-month Update

It boggles my mind to think we are already  half way through the month of November and Thanksgiving is coming up next week--wow! 
On Tuesday our guild had a workshop with Pat Speth of Nickel Quilts fame. This is the block I finished in class. It was a really fun day and so interesting to see what project and fabrics every other quilter chose to work on. 

We were given many project choices and I opted for Sunny Lanes. It will be a donation quilt once it's complete.
I had a layer cake that I had won several years ago and calculated that I could cut the squares into quarters and have all the dark "nickels" or charms needed for the twin size quilt. Unfortunately, after starching and pressing, the layer cake squares only measured 10" x 9.75". Ack!  I had to dig through my stash to come up with some coordinating fabric. These aren't really the colors I have a lot of in my stash, so it was a bit of a struggle. The good news is that the parts of the layer cake squares that were too small to cut into nickels will be used for the border in some way. 

My Summer Circles aka Arctic Circles is almost finished. It will get one more round of black elongated hexagons. 

I'm all caught up on the Secret Santa clues from the Temecula Quilt Co. and can't wait for the next one coming tomorrow. And.....


I think I may have cracked the secret--what do you think???
I hope I'm right--I've wanted to do a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt for ages! 


  1. Love your guess at TQ Co quilt;)) bet you're right!

    Lovely Arctic circles--speaking of which we are expecting a huge snow event this evening into tomorrow..early snow for us...

    Don't you hate when 10" sqs. are NOT??? I always feel with those pinked edges,I am getting cheated somehow--maybe not for all of them, but i have on some...Turkey Day is almost upon us...
    Lucky for me this year, my daughter is making the meal at her house...and our grandson is home for his soph year college break..I can't believe he's that age already either!! Hugs from snow-ey CT Julierose

  2. I hope your guess is right. I've wanted to do one forever as well. In fact, it's on my 2019 list. So what do you think
    would have happened to your blocks for you nickles quilt if you hadn't starched the layer cake. Would the quartered squares been a 5 inch square? Was it the steam and starch that shrunk it up? I've always like some of the nickle designs and the concept.

  3. Just yesterday, I realized that Thanksgiving is next week. I don't have any plans other than not cooking. I think I will enjoy peace and quiet and stitch....maybe a wool turkey.

  4. Oh I hope you are right too! I love that layout. I'm behind a week so I better get stitching. I really like your nickel block. I always wash my layer cake squares and they always come out as rectangles by like half and inch.

  5. I think you have it! It will be a very festive Burgoyne Surrounded!!
    Sunny Lanes has been on my bucket list for a long time. I saw one once that had used a dark color as the background, and named it Shady Lanes. I loved that one, too.
    Arctic Circles is cool in more ways than one. :)

  6. Love the Sunny Lanes block that you made Karen.... it really is 'sunny'! You are working on some other fabulous projects too.... can't wait to see if you're right! Christine xx

  7. You are absolutely right! Now, I really wish I had participated. I've been wanting to make a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt for sometime now.

  8. I have been loving the secret santa quilt, but watching not sewing because I dont like Christmas quilts...well now I see the pattern, I am off to sort out some fabric and start cutting!! It annoys me no end when pre cut fabric bundles are under sized! So glad you are able to still make it work, thats a great pattern and someone will love it when its finished.

  9. P.S.. I like your setting of these better than T Q Co's one Shhhh

  10. You are such a busy girl . . . happily stitching your way through the holidays :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Connie :)

  11. You are busy as always. I am loving the look of Arctic Circles.
    And how frustrating with the layer cake. That is annoying.