Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Down the Rabbit Hole....again...

When Mary Elizabeth Kinch announced a quilt along on Instagram (see HERE), I signed up right away. You may remember I was lucky to attend a class last year that she taught in Duluth. This quilt is called Foothills and the goal was to follow the quirky placement of value (there's no way I would could have replicated that second block in the top row--unless I did it by accident--lol!).
Foothills Quilt
My plan was to resize the 12 inch blocks to make a smaller quilt. I started pulling fabrics and that was as far as I got when I saw this quilt HERE.
Well, I just happened to have a lot of woven scraps piling up on the cutting table and decided to try a couple blocks just for fun. 
This is about as far as I got without having to start digging into my stash.

I had to see how they would look with the alternate plaid blocks. 

And maybe on point? 
It's so interesting how turning the blocks makes them look so different. 

The blocks are fun to play with...and a little hard to decide how to sew them together--
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4
Down the Rabbit Hole.
 I could play with these all day before making a sewing decision.

Back to Foothills.
 I had good intentions to follow each block's value placement, but before I even made one block I realized that there was no way I would enjoy doing that. I'm all about efficiency, so I had to go ahead make all the components for the 25 blocks and then figure out how I wanted to put them together.
Back to the Rabbit Hole....

This could go on for days!
 But so much fun too!
 I used the Eleanor Burns method to make my flying geese which is done in multiples of four, leaving me with two extra geese per block after the six needed for each Foothills block. 

Those extra flying geese has led to this.
Yes, I'm even deeper into the  Rabbit Hole....!

Time to stop playing and get to work--if you see me in the Rabbit Hole, stop and say HI! 


  1. Boy, you have been having a lot of fun I can tell. The plaids are so lovely together. Love the little houses.

  2. Oh, I can see you are deep in the rabbit hole. The simple plaid blocks are so cute. I need to dig out my buried plaid collection. The blues and golds look great together. You're just a busy bunny having fun!

  3. Hello from a neighboring Rabbit Hole! It's so sooo easy to slide on down, isn't it?
    I've been eyeing that Foothills trap, and I'm still teetering on the edge. And now your plaid monkeys are looking pretty appealing, too. The only thing keeping me out of your Rabbit Hole is how deep I already am in my own!

  4. This is such a fun post!
    Each of these projects leaves me smiling and wishing I was in that rabbit hole, too.
    I especially love the plaid blocks in blue and gold!

  5. If you had not pointed out the second block in the Foothills quilt, I don't know that I would have noticed.

  6. Wow... So many beautiful projects. I think I'm down that same rabbit hole. Hugs

  7. Wow, you have been really busy! I like your version of Foothills and those house blocks are adorable. I am making similar houses on the side and they are addictive.

  8. Love all those delicious plaids and am so glad to see another quilter in the rabbit hole with me.

  9. It is so lovely to follow you along the path and see where you went. love all the projects.

  10. Karen, I gave decided to make the Foothills quilt too. wow you are ambitious.

  11. I think I've passed you a couple of times in the Rabbit Hole! Foothills, Little Monkey Wrenches, Adorable Houses...what next?

  12. You are a miracle worker! I am so excited to find this flying geese method. I can't wait to use it. THANK YOU!

  13. Wow... So many beautiful projects. I think I'm down that same rabbit hole. Hugs