Wednesday, November 1, 2017

New Month, New Goal

My One Monthly Goal this month will be to get this little Palmateer Point quilt finished.
I'm toying with the idea of hand quilting--maybe I can handle something this small?

The main reason I want to get that little quilt off the design wall (where it's pinned up to avoid being lost!) is so I can start to play with these Little Boys Britches blocks. I got these made up at the Keepsakes Cabin retreat last month. 

I also got the Mrs. Billings Coverlet Borders 11 and 12 sewn up.
Well, almost.
 Some of the background triangles needed for Border 12 were missing. I was hoping that I would locate them when I got home, but no luck. And apparently no more of the Jo Morton Toast II fabric is to be found either.
I guess I am having another "make do" moment! Sigh. 
This is what I got done at the Green Lake retreat.
I spent the entire time making the hourglass blocks and tiny stars needed for the sashings on my Primitive Garden quilt. A bonus was getting them all sewn together along with the blocks--lots of crazy partial seams, but easier than I expected. Whew!
Finally my Patches of Blue book by Edyta Sitar has arrived--it's beautiful! I pre-ordered it months ago and didn't think it would ever get here--lots of eye candy to drool over.
I couldn't resist showing my new book with some of the lovely gifts I received for my birthday in October: a bundle of gorgeous fabrics from my friend Miriam and a fun Edyta Sitar nail file (it's also a lint remover on the back side!) from my cousin Barb. She also made me the adorable mini Lucy Boston block pin cushion--awesome and adorable!!!

I guess I better get to work on my November goal before I'm distracted by something in my new book--ha-ha!
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  1. Your little Palmateer Point would be sweet with hand quilting.
    I searched my neutral fabrics and came up with that Jo Morton print, but mine looks darker. Don't know if it is a different colorway, or if your photo just makes it look lighter. I'd be happy to send some to you, if you would like to see if it matches, so you could finish without "making do".
    Love your Primitive Garden quilt!!
    What a delightful bunch of blue for your birthday! :)

  2. Whichever project you work on, I'll watch with interest - they're all beautiful!
    I can't decide whether to handquilt my palmateer point or not. I need the practice at machine quilting, but it looks like such a fun little project to hand stitch...

  3. You have a lot of great quilts in progress, Karen. I am in love with your version of Primitive Garden -- and in awe of it, too. Delightful birthday gifts.

  4. Lofty goals but the projects are all amazing that you are working on ! :)
    Yes go for the hand quilting :)

  5. Love your Palmateer Point mini (in a round about way you have also inspired me to make this header/finisher quilt)and the adorable Little Boys Britches. Good luck finding the fabric or an alternative for Mrs Billings and Happy Birthday for last month!!!

  6. Your Palmateer Point looks good but I absolutely adore those Little Boy Britches. Such fun. Good luck with your other projects, too. I read someone may have the fabric. Hope it works out.

  7. Wow! Love your Primitive Garden quilt. Great work on the next borders of Mrs. Billings. November is going to be a fun sewing month, especially if you start peeking into your new book.

  8. Your hourglasses really pulled the quilt together. I like how bright they are. It must have felt to get that all done. GOOD JOB!

  9. Your primitive Garden looks fabulous!! I wish I would have known about that flag in the right border before I finished mine with the garden hose.... ahh well! But it looks amazing! I struggled with those partial seams.... I ended up doing them by hand. I did as much as I could by machine first and finished them off by hand. Whatever works! :o)

  10. Everything is looking lovely. Love the PP blocks in blue.
    The Little Boy Britches are great. What a lovely block.
    Your Primitive Garden is looking amazing. There is so much work in it.

  11. Oh my gosh some fun fun projects!!

  12. Well, I like them all and hats off to you on Ms Billings - I sold my pattern after I tried Robin's Nest and the measurements were off - I was done! I have the Quilts in the Barn book and love it and now that I see your blocks - that would be a neat quilt to make. Love the colors. You did a great job on Primitive Garden quilt! Very nice colorway. The Palmater quilt is pretty also. AND those fabrics that you received are nice! Have a great day and belated Happy Birthday - mine was Halloween!

  13. Wow! You have some great projects that are coming along wonderfully! I absolutely love your Mrs. Billings and the Primitive Garden quilt. I really NEED to get back in my sewing room!!! :))

  14. You have the best projects going!! Have fun!

  15. Lovely quilt top - enjoy the hand quilting. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  16. It was so fun to get up early this morning and see all your beautiful projects on the blog. I wish I had some fabric to send you for the setting triangles but it looks like Janet might have what you need. She's so generous. Enjoy the hand quilting, it always is so soothing for me. Helps me slow down a little and just ponder.

  17. Your PP is so striking in blue! Love all your projects. Those teeny stars must have been killers. So which will be your November goal?