Wednesday, August 23, 2017

No Green Thumb Needed

Here's something you don't know about one time, long, long ago, I had over 100 houseplants that I was happily nurturing. Most of them were cacti, succulents or bromeliads, so it wasn't super labor intensive, but it still took up a lot of time. Eventually I developed other interests--like quilting!  One by one, all of my plants fell by the wayside until I had not even one plant left to water. 
That doesn't mean I don't like having some greenery around though! I love the look of the olive branches you see in so many Farmhouse style decor photos, so I was drawn to these olive trees from Commercial Silk--very life like with the silvery leaf backs and woody twigs.  

My first intent was to have them on the mantle (I've been looking for some greenery to put there forever!), but I think they get a bit lost against the brickwork.
(I confess, the clock hasn't been hung back up since day light saving time started--my bad!)  

So... I moved them to the dining room sideboard. Much better! 

You could literally spend hours on the site--and I did! I'm thinking that I may need to order some of the  outdoor plants or boxwood hedges because of my deer problems--lol! It would be pretty cool to surround my entire back deck for privacy too.
And, of course, I'm still thinking about that mantle.... 

The olive trees were provided to me by Commercial Silk in exchange for a review. 
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  1. Very pretty and they don't take away any time from quilting. Perfect

  2. And I thought I had a lot of houseplants! Over 100--Wow!!
    These look really good.

  3. Pretty little greenery. The red of the apples really make them stand out.

    1. I got interrupted so I didn't get to finish. I just wanted to say that I like the idea of putting artificial greenery around to compliment the indoors. I like low maintenance ideas.

  4. One hundred is ALOT! But okay, lately my green thumb has returned! I bought a spider plant a few years ago and since I now refer to it as "grandmother" as I have a huge "daughter plant" who I've now made three more plants from! Luckily my mom takes the babies to Arizona with her...only to return them the next when they get too big for her. LOL YOurs are a much better idea! (PS I think they'd look good on the mantle in the winter)