Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Quilt Show!

I have to do a little advertising today. 
If you are in the Minnesota Brainerd Lakes area Friday or Saturday, please stop in at the Pinetree Patchworker's Quilt Show!!!
You can find all the information HERE
Monday was Stitch Therapy Day.
This is my crazy mat with an "Up North" theme (also the theme of our quilt show this year BTW!). My next step is to add a lot of crazy stitching between the motifs. We had a full house and it was so fun to see everyone's mats--too bad I completely blanked on taking photos--doh! 

I had some time to chain piece the rest of my Pumpkin Peel arches. 

 Guide lines are drawn on the paper foundation just to make sure the scraps are sewn onto the paper following the curve. It's kind of improvisational, as you don't sew on the lines or have particular widths of fabrics (although my scraps were cut about the same width). I think mine turned out a little too uniform. These arches have already been trimmed up along the outside lines. 

Once the paper is removed, there are a few tick marks to line up the inner arch and outer arch. Once those are pinned..... gets set upright on end and filled in with lots of pins. I was surprised at how easy these fit together by doing this! 

After sewing the two arches together, the seam is happy to be pressed toward the smaller arch. The outer edges are stay stitched. 

Sew two units together to make a Pumpkin Peel! 

I have to admit that the hardest part of this quilt is getting the placement of the peels onto the background. I'm still not sure I've got it right. Yes, I ended up using my original choice of backgrounds--the Jo Morton dots. This will work in my home decor which is mostly blue and white--go figure! Only three more peels to stitch down! 
 I hope you get a chance to visit the show. I'll be working admissions on Saturday morning--if you make it, be sure to say hi!!
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  1. Hope you have a successful show :-) Thanks for showing how you do your peels - these look great!

  2. Blue and white - really? I'd have never guessed - lol! I love your pumpkin peels - they are fabulous.

  3. Thanks for showing process for sewing the pumpkin peels, very interesting how you stood them up to pin them together. Is that freezer paper that was used for the piecing?

  4. Thanks for sharing the method on the pumpkin peel blocks. Though it doesn't look easy, it also doesn't look as hard as I was making it in my head.
    I really like you background. I think the dots are a nice contrast to the angles of the piecing, while also complementing the curves of the peel.

  5. Oh that pumpkin peel is fabulous!
    Have a great quilt show - wish I could attend.

  6. Beautiful Wool mat so far.
    Your Pumpkin Peel looks fabulous, thanks for sharing the wonderful tutorial.

  7. Have a wonderful show! We are quilt showing it here in San Luis Obispo, CA too :-) Always an exciting event!
    Your pumpkin peels are lovely. What a fun project :-)

  8. My gosh, Karen, these peels are gorgeous. There is something about blues that attract me and that polka dot fabric is perfect. Wonderful

  9. This looks like fun! I love it when something looks so difficult, but is actually quite enjoyable! I'll put this on my list of quilty stuffs to try! :-)

  10. Your pumpkin peels are great and you made it look so easy to sew the curves together. "Up North" is going to be cute too. Have fun at show.

  11. Beautiful work here on both projects and enjoy your show ! :)

  12. The arches are fascinating and look great when put together.

  13. I love this pattern, and it looks great in your blue & white fabrics! It's really going to be pretty. :D

  14. Your orange peels are perfect and I love your mat!

  15. If I was nearby I would have visited your show!! I love your pumpkin peels!!