Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Random Thoughts....

In April, I promised better photos of my UFO finish, the 365 Challenge quilt.
One thing I needed to do before getting improved pictures was to do a repair. While quilting I nicked a ruler causing a broken needle which punched a hole in my quilt top--ack! I marked the area with a pin and continued quilting.
The most concerning thing was that I may not have any of the damaged fabric left. After digging through my bag of scraps, I found this piece--just large enough to replace the bad patch--disaster avoided!  

I picked out the errant piece, slip stitched in the replacement piece, and finished up the non-quilted area on my domestic machine. Whew--that was a bit of a heart--stopper!

And here is a better photo of the completed quilt--so big!!!

The back..... 

....and the label. 

Even though I had vowed not to do anymore sampler quilts, I pulled these scraps of fabric from my stash to make some 4" x 5" Anthology blocks

Using the  Amazon free preview of the book, I sewed up the first five blocks and  knew I was hooked---they're pretty addictive!

So, of course I ordered the book.
I'm planning to do the blocks in the order they are presented. My colors are pretty much like the Anthology, aside from the pink. I don't have much pink in my stash, so I am substituting yellow. 
Sssshhh...I shouldn't admit this, but there are over 800 blue and cream half square triangles in this bin....along with a bazillion cream colored strips, 80+ 4.5" squares of phone book paper, a Bonnie Hunter book and Bonnie's new ruler.

Yes!!! I am taking a class in August with Bonnie Hunter--yeehaw!!I may have jumped the gun on making all those HST's, but I was so excited (and I also wanted to use up a package of triangle paper---that's my excuse). I know Bonnie will show us how to use her ruler to make triangles, and I still need about 60 more, so I will be plenty busy in class. Plus there are a lot of string blocks to be sewn. I'll finally be making that Jamestown Landing quilt that has been on my bucket list for years! 

While tidying up (yeah, I do that sometimes!) I found these hourglass blocks. I'm not sure when or why I made them, so I've been playing around--maybe a mug rug??


  1. I adore your 365 Challenge! Seeing yours is one of the things spurring me on to continue working on mine!
    But I'm trying mightily to resist that 4x5 Anthology. Nope nope nope oh help me...
    Enjoy that class! I'll be envying you!

  2. Your completed quilt looks amazing, I had to look twice, after seeing the great repair job I was looking for a dark palette. Love the way the border uses a dark version to the body, very clever.
    Do the triangle papers make making half square triangles quick/easy? Honestly I love Bonnies patterns, but I avoid the ones with HST because I hate making them!

  3. I'm so glad you were able to repair your quilt - yikes!! You've put so much work into that quilt! It looks wonderful! Those rectangular blocks have been tempting me too... Have fun at BH's class - I'd love to take one her classes too - one day.

  4. That quilt is jaw-dropingly amazing!!! You do so well to repair it so perfectly.

  5. so pleased you were able to fix this.......the quilt looks beautiful.........well done...........

  6. The 365 Challenge quilt is breathtaking!! I just love staring at it.
    And I can understand, after completing that, thinking another sampler is not in your future, but what cute little blocks you have made. The rectangular shape is interesting.
    Oh, you are so prepared for your "Bonnie" class. I have one in July and haven't done a thing to prepare.

  7. Wow your repair turned out great!
    What a stunning quilt!!

  8. Love your 365 challenge quilt and your repair job is amazing. I envy you for having a Bonnie Hunter class to look forward to. That is on my bucket list.

  9. Your 365 Challenge Quilt is just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your picture of it - very inspiring!!!

  10. Your 365 challenge quilt is absolutely gorgeous. You kept up with the challenge and got the quilting done so quickly. It truly is beautiful. I'm so glad you were able to make the repair relatively easily. Now on to your next huge project. Jamestown Landing will be another stunning quilt. Plus you'll have the fun of taking a class from Bonnie.

  11. I've been following your 365 project since you started. Congratulations on another beautiful piece! You always do such nice projects!

  12. Impressive quilt! That is a ton of itty bitty piecing!

  13. Your 365 challenge quilt is a winner. I have seen a couple that were too busy looking. Yours has a calming look in the blues.