Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's a Top!

All the components have come together and Words To Live By is a completed top.
Hopefully I have some fabrics appropriate for the back.
 I didn't have room on the design wall to show the whole thing--the quilt is big--almost 90" square.

My Stitching Society pin cushion went together a lot easier than I thought it would.
I gathered the sides of the bottom hexagon using a matching floss in case it ended up showing.
I sewed 5 of the sides with a quarter inch seam on my sewing machine--worked out great!

Turning and stuffing was another story--haha!
There is a muslin pocket inside that I filled as much as possible with crushed walnut shells.
I wasn't happy with the corners, so I used a chopstick to work some poly stuffing into them.
Now I know why the pattern has mini yoyos on each corner!
I may add some felted wool balls if I find the right color. Otherwise, I am okay with it now. 
Back to the hand stitching on my wooly hexagons....


  1. this turned out so lovely! I really like that woolen plaid...hugs, Julierose

  2. Your pincushion is adorable, I think it's perfect as is! The quilt top is very impressive too. I'll just go back to my s.l.o.w. machine quilting today. It raining so I really don't have much else to tempt me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow Karen - Your projects are so lovely - that quilt top is spectacular. And, like Julierose above - that plaid wool on your pincushion is wonderful - love all the colors in it!

  4. Love all the triangles in the setting. Done very well.

  5. Your quilt top is beautiful with all the HST's and awesome applique. Great job!

  6. That's a beautiful quilt Karen, I hope you can show the whole thing some time. And you did a stunning job on the pin cushion. Cute!!

  7. Great work on the quilt top! It is looking wonderful.
    Love the end result with the pin cushion.

  8. So cute and the colours are so happy!

  9. Congratulations on your top - the HST borders are wonderful in these rich colours! and I love the pincushion :)

  10. Your quilt top looks fantastic and well done to get it to this stage. Your pincushion is so cute.

  11. This is beautiful work, love the colours