Tuesday, April 8, 2014


All of a sudden, it is starting to feel like Spring may actually happen! Yesterday was beautiful and so is today--perfect for a walk and a garden lecture to get in the mood. I know it will be about 7 weeks before I can plant any flowers here, but it's fun to make plans.
I think that's why I gravitated toward these stash fabrics for my Jane Austen blocks.
Well, maybe not the plaids...we'll see!
Yes, I've caved--but it was peer pressure--not my fault--haha!
 A group of quilters encouraged by Sharyn are going to do the blocks, so I have to join in on the fun, right? I think Elizabeth and her sisters would be wearing cheerful floral cotton dresses this time of year.
There will be 36 twelve inch blocks, but I am going to do a smaller version using 6" blocks.
Barbara Brackman will be posting a block weekly at the Austen Family Album blog.
Sassy Quilter Triangle Quilt Along

So far, I'm keeping on top of the Triangle Sew Along.
There are 12 rows of 17 triangles. 

The triangles get sewn together in pairs.
As long as the blunt tip is facing up or down, you will end up with straight of grain on the top and bottom of your rows. It helped me to place a pin on the triangle facing up so I didn't get my pairs turned at the sewing machine. It's easy to flip them--trust me: I know from experience!

These are my twelve rows sewn across.
The rows will be sewn to each other in the next step on Friday.
When I randomly laid out my triangles, I had a bit of a star peeking out, so I rearranged all the triangles to get three big ones.
It's impossible to see them up close, but they magically appear as you step back from the design wall.

This has been SO fun to sew up!
 Since the triangles have been starched they go together easily and the the blunt tips help with matching.
I don't think I'll have any trouble staying on the timeline for this one!


  1. Your triangles look fabulous together! I love those stars that appear :0)

  2. The stars that appear as you back up are amazing! I love that you caught a glimpse as you were designing and went for it!

  3. Are the stars not supposed to be there in the original pattern then?
    They look really striking so hard to belive it wasnt meant to be that way!

  4. I like the red, white, and blue combo and the stars popping up is a great bonus!

  5. Here from Let's Bee...this is soo beautiful! I love red, white and blue.

  6. What a great design for your triangles

  7. Oh I love your stars. The moment I saw your linkup I could see the 3 big stars :-). Great job going to with what you saw and enhance it. It really looks awesome!

    Your on-track for sure!

  8. I love your layout, great secondary design, it really makes it special!

  9. The stash layout for your new project does look simply scrumptious. Now your triangle quilt? I love how you went with those star blocks! They look incredible! Looking forward to seeing this one finished!

  10. The triangle blocks with the star layout is a hit with me. Love it!