Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Not Quite There....

I am still working to finish my July UFO--just three more sides of the binding to stitch down and then attaching the label. This has to get done in the next few days as I leave early Saturday morning on a bus trip to visit the Southwestern section of the the Minnesota Shop Hop. I have a feeling I will be too tired to do a thing on Monday! 
In the meantime, I thought I would share my progress on my "Up North Crazy Mat". 
All of the crazy stitching is complete--just the binding and quilting left to do. 

I added a few plants around the deer to anchor him to the ground and changed to stars to fireflies (yes, that's what they are in case you couldn't tell--lol). 

A little bee fills up an empty spot. 

This area had been bothering me since the beginning. I finally realized that I had put the bobber upside down.
White on top, Karen!
This is particularly embarrassing as the closest town to where I live has a bobber water tower that I have driven by for more than 20 years--eeep! 

I didn't really have a stitch plan--just kind of decided on the fly as I worked my way around the mat. The main thing was to distribute the colors.
 Now to raid the stash for the perfect binding! 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Follow the Leader...

I think my favorite feature on my Juki would be the scissor. With just a tap on the foot pedal, the threads are cut. Occasionally, as the sewn pieces are removed from the machine, I accidentally unthread the needle. 
That's why I try to use a leader/ender to finish off what ever I am sewing--just to hold that thread in the needle. Look at how much thread I've used just on these small pieces! Actually this used to be one piece, but I cut it in half to not only use less thread, but to save a few seconds--haha! (Hey, those seconds all add up to minutes, right?)
Soooo, I've been waiting to see what Bonnie Hunter would come up with as her leader/ender challenge project she does every summer. She chose Rail Fences--read about it HERE

Rail Fences don't particularly "trip my trigger", but Bonnie's plan for her Rail Fences reminded me of  this quilt that I had bookmarked from the August 2016 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. I thought Stair Steps would be perfect to burn up some of my endless supply of blue scraps, however, I didn't relish making the 1,760 half square triangles! 

I think by substituting four patches for the HST's, I will get the look of Stair Steps without all the fuss of making those triangles. There are already many, many 1.5" red and light squares cut and in my stash, so that will be a big time saver. 

These are the two different blocks (as shown on the Quiltville site) needed, and following Bonnie's pressing instructions, they will go together perfectly. 

I've got a good start on my cutting and will keep this little box next to the sewing machine as I work on other projects. I plan to sew everything together in pairs, then into the four patches and the four strips. After that, I will cut more strips and squares as needed. I plan to make a generous twin size, for now--subject to change--lol!  As this is a year long challenge, there's no rush.
I didn't do last years Hourglass leader/ender challenge (I'm kind of regretting that now that I've seen Bonnie's quilt on her Instagram feed), but I did have lots of fun with the Spool and Lozenge Leaders & Enders Challenges. 

 I think the Rail Fence Challenge will be a fun one too!
And maybe someday I'll make those 1, 760 Half Square Triangles for an actual Stair Steps quilt! 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July UFO Goal

The binding has been made and the backing fabrics are ready to be pieced, so I think it only makes sense that my Front Porch top should be finished in July--it screams Summer!! Wish me luck!!
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